Stepping Stones was created in June of 2003 through the hard work and dedication of Hollie Pearson. Her education in Psychology and Early Childhood has helped her understand, educate and empathize with children at such a crucial time in their development. She believes strongly that working cooperatively and consistently together with parents will benefit your child now and in his/her future.

Our employees receive 20 hours of training per year in order to be in compliance with state licensing and recieve the most up to date information on your child. All our staff are educated to help your child prepare for kindergarten. We believe these young years in your child's life are some of the most important and influential. It is necessary for your child to feel safe and comfortable in their daycare setting in order 
to thrive. 

There are various studies that stress the importance of outside play. Children learn to explore, problem solve and release pent up energy in our large yard sectioned off by age groups. We also have large "buggy" strollers so the one and two year old children can enjoy the fresh air on our easy-to- access bike trail. When there is inclement weather, we also have large blow-up bouncy castles for indoor use.

We offer healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. We choose to stay away from added dyes and sugar in our foods as much as possible due to the correlation with children's behavior. There is a weekly menu for your viewing in the cafeteria and preschool building.

Choosing Stepping Stones for their nurturing staff, educational setting, large outdoor playground and healthy meals are just some of the ways to start your child on the right path.
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